I got t-shirts and zines available real cheap (My profit motive is about as superb as my work ethic so I’m not tryna come up at all here). I got too many printed so you’ll be doing me a favor by helping me unload the fuckers. Shirts are 12 bucks each and available in small, medium and large sizes. Black Butte shirts are available in grey, olive green and black and the money goes to the Black Butte Center, a 501c3 non-profit located in beautiful Weed, California (home of the famously obnoxious “I Got High in Weed” t-shirts, available at any of the truckstops and gas stations in town). The Oakland t-shirts are available in black t-shirts with white ink and white t-shirts with black ink, in sizes small, medium, and large. I have yet to have hood sizes printed but should soon.

Also, my long, drawn-out rag “Raw Deal” is available for 2 bucks plus a couple stamps postage. I don’t do paypal or any of that shit so you can mail checks or well-concealed cash (maybe you can roll the cash up in some christian literature or some of those mexican porno comics).

To order any of da merch, e-male me at rawdealzine at g m a i l dot com.


RAW DEAL Zine, laden with botanical insights and profanity – 2 bux


OAKLAND t-shirts, available in S, M, L – 12 bux



BLACK BUTTE T-shirts, Available in S, M, L – 15 bux